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How To Choose The Most Efficient Water Heater

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Water heaters have become more advanced and effective over recent years. The great thing about a new water heater is that it can help save you a little bit of cash on your monthly bills. However, there are many things to consider when it comes to buying a replacement water heater for your home. This article will explain what to look for when searching for the perfect water heater.

Gas or Electric

Most water heaters are either powered by natural gas or electricity. Hybrid heaters that use a combination of both are also gaining popularity, but are a little more expensive. Electric heaters have always been the least expensive to buy. However, they used to be more costly to run because they were less efficient than gas heaters. In general, electric heaters use more energy, which is more costly than natural gas.

Newer technologies are making electric heaters more efficient. For instance, new electric heater use heat pumps. These pumps create heat from natural air. This means the heater is less reliant on electricity and your energy bill will be significantly reduced. Energy Star rated water heaters can save you $3,000 over the lifetime of the heater when compared to traditional electric heaters.

Most water heaters are fueled by natural gasses. This a very affordable and abundant energy source. However, some people do not prefer it because it is not renewable. If you choose an Energy Star rated gas heater, you can rest assured that you have an equally eco-friendly product. Many people are attracted to gas water heaters because they are much cheaper than electric heaters.

Solar Heaters

Solar heaters are much more expensive than electric or gas units. The initial cost is high, but they can cut your monthly heating bills in half. It is definitely only an investment you want to make if you plan on living at your property for many years. New solar water heaters are more effective and they have larger capacity. So, you can heat your water for a fraction of the price for many years if you are able to make the initial investment.

When it comes to choosing the best water heater for your home you need to consider your personal budget. Water heater boxes are clearly marked with their projected capacity and cost to operate. Remember that more expensive heaters, no matter what their fuel source, are worth it because they usually save you money over time. Once you've chosen a water heater, make sure you get it maintained frequently by a company like McDermott Plumbing Service and Repair.