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How To Make Your Home Feel Like An Estate

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Whether you have a mansion or live in a more modest house, there are several things you can do make your home feel like your own personal estate rather than just another house on the block. The following ideas are specific to driveways, since the driveway entrance to your property makes such a huge first impression when you pull up to your house.

Light your driveway

Placing lights on either side of your driveway is a great way to create a regal entryway to your home. There are several options available that allow for a variety of fixtures and lighting styles. You can install electric lights that run on a timer or a switch that you can control inside your house, or you can install lights that run on solar power. These lights will capture and store solar power during the day to stay illuminated at night. The most modern types of these lights will be efficient enough to work even on cloudy days or during the long nights of the winter.

Depending on the length of your driveway, place lights 5 to 15 feet apart along each side of the driveway. You can go for the symmetrical look and place lights directly across from each other on either side of the driveway, or you can offset them for a more subtle feel. Since you don't know whether a delivery truck, snow plow, or an errant driver may cut too close, place the lights about a foot away from the edge of the driveway.

Install a driveway gate

A driveway gate adds a lot of drama to entering your property, and an added benefit is that it adds a high level of security to your home. Burglars looking for a house to rob will very likely pass any property with a gate because it can indicate further security measures and acts as an additional barrier to pass.

Modern driveway gates use electric remote controls for easy opening. If you do have power at the entrance to your driveway, you can hook up your electric gate to your existing power source. Otherwise, you can opt for a gate with a solar battery mounted somewhere on it.

If you have a large space between your driveway gate and the road, you can install a swing out (or in) gate. These models are very reminiscent of old European estate gates. Alternatively, properties in cities and dense suburbs with smaller footprints should find that sliding gates will maximize their use of space.

Either of these additions to your driveway will make you feel like you're entering an estate, rather than just another property, every time you come home. There are a variety of options for both driveway gates and driveway lights, meaning that anyone can find styles that work for their properties and budgets.