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How To Never Lose Your Keys Again With A Keyless System

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If you've lost your keys, you will obviously need help from a commercial locksmith to get in this time, but fortunately, you can also get help from the locksmith to make sure it never happens again in the same trip by installing keyless locks. Here are a few advantages of a keyless system.

No Keys

Instead of giving people keys, you can give them access based on how much access they need. For example, you can make it so that the smartphones of family members allow them to get in and out of the house whenever they want.

Alternatively, you can grant access to the phone of a cleaning person that is only good for a few hours per week during times when they are authorized to come in and clean your house. They can open the lock by hitting a button through an app on their phone.

Many systems will allow you to directly control access as well. This means that you can open the door remotely from work if someone you know needs just immediate one-time access. Most systems actually do have an option for using a key in emergencies as well, but this is something you should certainly look for to make sure it's there.

Complete Records

One advantage that a keyless system has over traditional key systems is that a keyless system can take complete logs. This means you'll know exactly when people with various keys came and went through the day and night.

Automated Processes

Another advantage to keyless systems is that you can add in some time and stress saving automation. For example, some systems will just automatically lock the door for you every time you leave the apartment.

There are some keyless locks that can automatically unlock your door as soon as you approach it, without the need for you to even reach for your phone.

Features to Look For

Obviously, one downside to a keyless system includes trouble if the system loses power due to a power outage or any other reason. Not only could this render the system inoperable in terms of its normal features like remote access and logging, but it could make it so you couldn't open the door at all.

Some systems let you put batteries inside as a backup. This way even if the local Wi-Fi goes down for whatever reason, the lock will keep running. Some services will actually send you reminders for when your batteries are getting low so you can always stay ahead of it. Contact a local locksmith like Anderson Lock & Safe, LLC for more information about these features.