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How To Replace The Drive Belt On A Kenmore Dryer With A Front Door Lint Filter

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Clothes dryers count on the tumbling action of the internal drum to help dry your laundry. However, if the drive belt breaks and the drum isn't rolling and tossing your clothes around, it will be impossible to dry your clothes using a Kenmore dryer. You will need to take the dryer apart to get at the drive belt and replace it with a new belt. Here is how you can take your Kenmore dryer apart and replace the drive belt.

Disconnect Power Supply

Make sure you disconnect the power supply before you start disassembling your clothes dryer to prevent getting an electrical shock or getting injured if the internal parts start moving.

Take Off Control Panel

The control panel has to be removed before you can take the top off of the dryer to gain access to the drum. There are two ways a control panel is connected to the dryer: Using clips or using screws. If your control panel is held by clips, you will want to slip a putty knife under the panel at both ends and lift – this will dislodge the clips. The other method is to take the caps off of the two side ends of the control panel to expose the two screws at the bottom of the panel that you have to remove.

Remove the Dryer Top

Flip the control panel back over the top of the dryer to get it out of the way - be careful, there are a lot of wires connected to the control panel that you don't want to break. This will expose two other screws under the panel that holds the top in place. Remove those screws and slide out the top. Set the top aside.

Remove Bottom Panel

Dryers with a lint filter inside the front door have a panel beneath the door. This panel will also have to be removed. The panel is held in place by two clips at the top. Use a screw driver to unlatch the clips and pull the panel out. Remove the two door springs behind the panel.

Removing Top Door Panel

You need to take out the two mounting screws holding the upper panel into place at the bottom of the panel and the lint screen duct screws. Disconnect the moisture sensor wire and the door switch wire connector. Take out the two screws at the top of the upper panel. The front panel and door are now ready to be removed.

Take Out Drum

If the drive belt hasn't snapped, you will need to release the tension on the belt. Pull the pulley back and take the belt off of the pulley and motor shaft. Lift the drum out and put a new belt around it.

Replacing Drum

Place the drum back into place once you have put a new drive belt around it. Make sure you align the drum on the two rear rollers. Reconnect the belt to the pulley and motor shaft.

Put Everything Back Together

Reinstall all the parts and screws in the reverse order that you took them out. Plug the dryer back in, fill it with wet clothes, and turn it on.

A dryer will not work properly if the drive belt breaks. If you need help, call an appliance repair professional, such as J & M Appliance, to come in and give you a hand.