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What If My Property Has Standing Water?

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If you have a plumbing problem that leads to standing water, you will want to have this problem corrected as soon as possible because standing water has a tendency to create a perfect environment for mold growth. There are several places you will want to look for potential water leaks and there are also several things you will then want to do to correct these problems.

The Problem with Standing Water

Standing water is also known to cause structural problems that can result from unwanted pests that are attracted to the moisture. The standing water doesn't simply increase humidity close by, but can also raise the humidity of your entire home. Locating the plumbing leak that is causing the standing water can be difficult because the water is not always coming from an obvious source. Sometimes, the leak starts somewhere out of view and travels to the site of the standing water. Pressure relief valves, toilets, the meter line, hose bibs and shower heads are all common places that have leaks.

Standing Water in the Yard

Standing water can occur in any part of the home that is connected to plumbing and even in one's yard. A damaged sewer line might cause standing water in one's yard, which can be a breeding ground for insects and is usually unsanitary. Homes that have large numbers of mosquitoes often have standing water in the yard. To locate spots where there might be a broken sewer line, look for areas in your yard that have unusual plant growth or that are unusually damp.

Correcting the Source of the Problem

Prior to removing the moisture from your yard, you will need to identify the source of the moisture problem in the first place. If the problem is with your plumbing system, you may need to contact a plumber to dig up the pipes, replace the damaged pipes and install new ones.

Another reason why you might have a lot of standing water in your yard is because your gutters are not properly carrying rainwater away from the base of your home. Instead, the rainwater is pooling near the base of your home. The water can then cause your basement to flood as the water leaks through your foundation. This problem is often caused by your gutters not being cleaned properly.

Create a Drainage System

If your property is still prone to standing water problems, you may need to create an underground drainage system that can completely remove the standing water. The drainage system is installed in your basement floor. Contact a plumber like one from Biard & Crockett Plumbing for advice on how to proceed with having this installed.