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Consider A Second Well For An Irrigation And Outdoor-Use Pump

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You're interested in having an irrigation system installed to keep your large rural yard watered regularly, but you're concerned about the impact this might have on your well pump. You may be able to have a second well drilled and another pump installed that would only be used for irrigation and other outdoor purposes. Using this irrigation well would greatly extend the life of your primary pump.

Reasons to Install a Second Pump

When a home well pump breaks down for good, it usually happens suddenly and without warning. You're then faced with an emergency situation in which you don't have running water in the house until a new pump is installed, which can take more than a day to arrange. Having two pumps allows you to keep both of them in excellent working order for a much longer time frame than would be expected with only one pump.

You also won't have to be concerned about anyone taking showers or doing laundry when the irrigation system is running, at the risk of overworking the primary pump.

In addition, you can cut back your usage on your primary well pump by utilizing the irrigation well for several outdoor purposes. 

Irrigation Well Pump Uses

Watering your lawn on a set schedule isn't the only good use for an irrigation well pump. Have pipes run to exterior faucets and you can use the irrigation pump for activities such as:

  • washing vehicles
  • watering potted plants around the property
  • watering the vegetable and flower gardens as needed
  • cleaning or power washing the exterior of the house
  • providing water for wading pools and for the kids to play in

Environmental Considerations

Be sure not to overdo your water usage. Having a second well pump may ease your concerns about system usage so much that you no longer bother to conserve water. There also may be a psychological factor in wanting to justify your investment by running water as much as you feel like it. Don't lose sight of the big picture simply because you've got another pump.


Contact area well pump drillers from sites like http://www.wellservicetampabay.com and installation technicians and get estimates. Explain exactly how you plan to use this equipment so that these professionals can determine specifications such as the necessary capacity of the well and recharge rate of the pump.

Decide whether this investment would be worth the extended life for your primary pump and the convenience of having a second well. Careful consideration of the relevant factors will allow you to make a smart decision.