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Don't Get Left In The Dark: Maximizing The Light In Your Metal Buildings

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Pre-engineered metal buildings are convenient for quick construction and durability. If the idea of metal buildings brings images of cold, grey structures, you may be pleasantly surprised when you start exploring your lighting options. Investing in metal buildings doesn't mean you're stuck staring at a gloomy, dark interior. Here's a look at some ways that you can make the interior surface of the roof brighter to keep your space from looking dim.

Light-Reflective Coatings

Painting the ceiling with a light-colored reflective coating or a bright white paint will brighten the space considerably. When the ceiling is painted with a bright color, it provides a surface that will bounce the ambient light back down to the space below.

When you are limited on your interior lighting, this is a great way to make the most of it. Additionally, you can apply the same coating to the outside surface of the roof to reflect the sunlight off the roof and help you minimize your climate control costs.

Natural Light Options

If the artificial lighting just isn't enough, or if you want to capitalize on the natural light pouring in around your building, there are several options for pre-engineered metal buildings:

  • Skylights. Skylights for metal buildings are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, just as they are for other structures. In some cases, you can even get skylight panels large enough to replace an entire panel in the roof, creating open, bright spaces that will allow natural light to filter in. You can also use skylights to improve ventilation in the building, but you need to be sure that they are sealed properly. If the outer edges of the skylight aren't fully sealed, you're going to experience leaks and other potential problems.
  • Translucent Panel Inserts. In addition to skylights, you can also talk with the fabricator about installing translucent panels throughout the building. These panels provide you with the same natural light distribution that you can get from skylights, but without the risk of leaks. The translucent light panels are created from a clear poly material and they attach to the structure as naturally as the existing metal pieces. One of the best things about translucent panels is that you can install them on the sides of the building as well as the roof, which gives you more versatility in your lighting options.

The light available inside your building is important to the comfort of the work environment as well as your building's energy efficiency. If you're investing in a pre-engineered metal building from a company like Commercial Industries Company Inc., talk with the manufacturer about your lighting options before you place your order.