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Air Conditioner Stop Cooling You Down? 4 Quick Tips For Troubleshooting Your Unit

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One of the worst things about hot summer days is worrying about your air conditioner. A properly working air conditioner will keep you cool and comfortable. Unfortunately, a malfunctioning air conditioner will end up leaving you hot and miserable. If your air conditioner suddenly stops working, or doesn't produce as much cool air as it should, there are a few things you can do before you call the service technician.

Change The Filter

Can you remember the last time you changed your furnace or air conditioner filter? If you can't, it's a pretty good bet that you need a new one. A dirty filter can prevent proper air flow, which can slow down the amount of air that gets through to your vents. You should replace your air filter at least once a month to prevent dirt buildup and to keep your air conditioner operating properly.

Replace Your Thermostat

If you have an outdated thermostat, you should replace it with a programmable one. An outdated thermostat can make it difficult for your air conditioner to work properly. A new thermostat is able to communicate with your air conditioner so that it knows when it should be coming on. Turn your air conditioner on. If you can hear it trying to cycle, but it keeps turning off, you may need a new thermostat.

Cool Down The Unit

You might not realize this but a motor or dirty blades can cause your air conditioner to overheat. Once too much dirt builds up on your blades and motor, you may stop getting cold air altogether. Use your garden hose to cool down and clean your air conditioner. Simply attach a high pressure nozzle to your garden hose and rinse the entire air conditioner. Once it's clean, wait a few minutes and try to turn your air conditioner on again.

Check The Breaker Box

This may seem simple but on extremely hot days, excessive power use can cause your breakers to shut off. Go out to your main breaker box and locate the breaker for your air conditioning unit. If it's in the on position, the problem isn't with your breaker. However, if the breaker is in the off position, you'll want to reset the breaker. Simply flip the switch over to the on position and try turning your air conditioner on again. If the air conditioner turns on, you found your problem. If not, move on to the next item.

When your air conditioner goes on the fritz, use this guide to help you identify the problem. If you're air conditioner still won't work, you should contact a technician who specializes in air conditioning units.