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Creating A Basement Man Cave: Projects That Aren't DIY

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If you want to turn your basement into the ultimate man cave and it doesn't have electricity or plumbing at the moment, you need to get some quotes before you start the project. Finishing the basement may include a lot of things that you can do on your own, like tile or drywall, but there are a few things you want to have the experts do. Here are the professionals you want to have give you quotes before the project is started.


You will want to have wiring for the television, and overhead lighting if there isn't any. You may want theater or canned lighting added to the space. An electrician like RDS Electric can come in and tell you what outlets needed to be added, and what the electrical box can handle. You don't want to hook up a lot of appliances to a few outlets and end up tripping the breaker or damaging the box because you didn't consult a professional. DIY electrical projects frequently go bad, and there are other tips you can follow to avoid a home fire.


If there is a toilet or water hook up, you may want to add a bathroom in the space or a wet bar. The plumber can let you know if you can add a sink and a drainage pipe in an area that isn't already plumbed. You also want to have the plumber look at the sump pump to make sure the basement isn't at a high risk of having water damage or other problems. Attempting your own plumbing projects puts you at the risk of water damage, or losing your home insurance coverage.

Waterproofing Professional

Find a waterproofing professional to come waterproof all of the concrete in the basement before you put down any flooring, before you frame out the walls, and before there is any drywall added throughout the space. This is going to prevent moisture damage over time to all of the different materials in the space.

If you want to finish your basement and you aren't sure what work you can do on your own and what you will need help with, make sure you don't attempt any type of plumbing or electrical work on your home. You could put your house at the risk of an electrical fire, or a potential water problem. Talk with experts that provide these services and get the right permits to have the necessary work done in the space.