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Flooded Basement? The Next Steps You Have To Take

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If you've found water in your basement and you aren't sure what professional to call first, the answer is a water damage restoration company. They are going to come to the house to pump the water out of your basement, and they have a variety of ways to treat the flooded areas.

Once the water damage restoration company has come and removed the water, dried the space, and removed all of the potential mold problems throughout the foundation, you'll want to consider having the following tasks performed.


A waterproofing agent that goes around the basement of the house is a great way to keep the basement dry in the future. It stops moisture from coming through the cement, or from spreading mold and mildew across the cement if water comes up through the sump pump or if a water line in the basement breaks. You can do this on your own by painting the agent on, or you can have a professional company, like B-Sure Systems Inc., come apply it.

Duct Cleaning

Moisture could have gotten into the vents and ducts, causing mold spores to develop. Every time you turn the furnace or air conditioner on these spores will spread, which can irritate allergies and asthma. It also spreads the problem to all other areas around the house. The filter on your heater should be replaced as well.

Foundation Inspection

If there was a lot of stagnate or pooling water around the base of the foundation, this could cause problems with the back fill. The back fill supports the foundation and is often composed of rock or sand. If this has shifted or altered, it can cause structural concerns for the property. Have a foundation inspection completed to find out if the foundation is at risk, or if there is a problem that caused the flood.

Water in the basement needs to be treated as quickly as possible, and the flood restoration company may be able to save carpeting, furniture and other items you have in the basement if they get to your house fast. After you talk with a representative from the company and set up the service, call your homeowner's insurance company to see if they will cover the costs of the preventative cleaning. After the basement is cleaned, have the sump pump checked out to see if the pump was the problem, or search for how else the water got into your home.