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Information You Need To Purchase The Right Replacement Door Extension Springs For Your Garage Door

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An extension spring on a garage door can snap over time, and you'll have to replace the spring before you will be able to easily open and close your garage door again. If you are going to do this job on your own, you'll have to make sure you purchase the right replacement extension string for you garage door. Here is information that you will need to gather before you go the hardware store to purchase a replacement spring for your garage door.

Door Weight

Not all garage doors weigh the same, and extension springs need to handle the weight load for your garage door, or they can immediately snap once you install them and try to open your garage door. You need to know the weight of the door to prevent this from happening. Here is how to weigh your door:

  1. Obtain an analog scale (the ones that have a scale face with a spinning dial).
  2. Place the scale under the door. If the extension springs on both sides are broken, place the scale in the middle of the door; but if only one spring is broken, place the scale under the side of the door with the broken spring.
  3. You will want two springs that support the total weight of the door. If you only need one spring, it should support half of the total weight of the door.
  4. Write the weight on a piece of paper.

Door Height

The extension springs need to be long enough for your door. The higher the door the longer the extension spring you will need. Measure the height of the door and write this information down on a sheet of a paper.

Spring Length

Lift the garage door up and relax the tension on the unbroken extension spring. You should measure the length of the spring from one spring end (don't include the hooked parts that connect to the rail and door) to the other.

You should also count the number of rings in the spring to compare it to the number of rings in the replacement spring. If these two numbers don't match, you are not getting a properly sized extension spring to replace the broken one. Write this information down on the piece of paper.

Take the piece of paper with the measurements and ring counts with you to the hardware store to so the hardware personnel can help you choose the right extension spring for your garage door. You can also contact a local contractor, like American Eagle Garage Door Services, for help.