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The Drawbacks And Advantages Of Wooden Windows

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Wooden windows are no longer the most popular choice for residential properties. Materials like aluminum, fiberglass and vinyl have superseded wood when it comes to window frames. To most homeowners, wooden windows require a little bit too much maintenance. However, some homeowners still desire wooden windows and think that they have an inimitable feel and look. Wood is still a viable option for people who are willing to maintain them. This article will explain some of the biggest perks of investing in wooden windows.

Wood is Adaptable

Wood is ideal for homeowners who want the look of natural wood, with the exposed grains and knots. Some vinyl windows are printed with faux wood finishes, but they never look as good as the genuine article. Wooden windows can be stained in a wide range of clear tints. Best of all, you can change this stain whenever you want. Painting aluminum, vinyl or fiberglass frames is basically out of the question. You are stuck with the color and finish you choose. Even if you update the rest of your home, your windows will stay the same. This is not the case with wood.

You can refinish your wooden frames as often as you see fit. The process is time consuming, but it is something you can do on your own. Many people will love the fact that they can alternate between a clear stain and a solid paint color. You can always keep your window colors up to date if they are wooden.

Wooden Frames are Durable and Energy Efficient

Modern wooden frames are not rickety, leaky and loud. They are built with top-of-the-line weatherproofing that protects them from the most severe weather. Wood does not transfer heat as quickly as other materials, so it is great for cold environments. You can invest in storm windows with reinforced panes that have even greater solar and thermal insulation.

Wood is a product that will never go out of style… unless you don't take care of it. However, wood can swell if it gets too wet. This can make it very hard to close sliding windows. If you are not willing to invest a little extra time and money, wood might not be the product for you. However, if you have pride in your wooden frames and take care of them, they will be strong, water resistant and energy efficient for many years to come.

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