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Two Ways You Probably Hadn't Considered Using A Custom Mirror In Your Home

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When some people think about mirrors and home design, installing a mirror over the sink in the bathroom is pretty much all they think of. The reality is that mirrors can be used in far more ways and spaces than just this. Taking the time to learn some of the different and unique ways you can use a custom mirror in your home can help you get started and get your creative juices flowing.

Small Rooms

If you aren't fortunate enough to have a large home, with wide-open, spacious rooms, it's not the end of the world. Installing a custom mirror in a small room is a way to make it appear larger. This is true even if the mirror isn't very big. Mirrors accomplish this by reflecting the surroundings and making the perceived space appear larger than it actually is.

Even if your room is large, but isn't very bright because of a lack of windows or lighting, installing a mirror in the space can help brighten up the room naturally. A custom mirror can also help brighten your outdoor spaces. Take a patio that has limited sunlight, for example. You could install a mirror along the exterior wall of your home. The mirror would then reflect any sunlight that hits the glass around the patio space and make it appear brighter.

Cabinet Door Update

Kitchen remodels are often expensive and time-consuming. Updating your kitchen cabinet doors with mirror-fronts comes with a fraction of the time and cost of a remodel, but affords nearly the same benefit. Performing this step involves having a custom, thin-strength mirror designed to suit the size of your cabinets. A professional glass installer can then install the glass over your existing cabinet, frame it and make it appear as though it's an original part of the cabinet door.

Not only will this step give your kitchen an updated look, but you will also benefit with a kitchen that looks larger and seems brighter. In addition to your kitchen, you could also use this same idea in other areas of your home. Take an old, outdated, built-it cabinet in your dining room. If you want to modernize the space, but you don't want to purchase new cabinets, you can simply have glass designed to fit over top the doors.

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