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4 Dry Docking Solutions For Parking Your Personal Boat

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How you choose to dock your boat greatly affects its safety during storms and your future maintenance costs for water damage and damage caused by the boat banging against the dock's side. Thankfully, there are a few options that you can choose from to secure your boat at your personal docking area that will keep your boat up out of the water and provide you with easier access to the hull of the boat to make necessary repairs.

Here is some information on four dry docking options for you to consider:

Boat Lifts

Boat lifts are a popular way to store boats out of the water. Having your own boat lift allows you to prevent wear to the boat from being in the water. It also eliminates the need to rent dry dock space if you need to make repairs. Today's boat lifts are designed so that you drive your boat right into them and then lift the boat from the water using electric or solar-powered winches. 

For additional protection from the elements for your boat, you can purchase an optional boat lift cover. Boat lift covers are made out of durable canvas fabric, aluminum, or steel.

Polyethylene Block Dry Docks

If you own a speed boat or other boat with a low hull height that requires it to be stored out of the water, then you can install a semi-permanent dry dock made out of polyethylene blocks. The blocks attach with cables to your existing dock and these buoyant blocks allow you to drive your boat right up onto the top of them. Once atop the blocks, your boat will be on a material stable enough for you to walk around on and perform maintenance tasks as needed.

Inflatable Dry Docks

For smaller and lighter styles of boats, there are some nice inflatable dry dock options on the market today. The inflatables are made from strong polyvinyl materials and are completely portable. Simply unroll the inflatable dry dock into place and use your air compressor to inflate its outer flotation ring. Drive your boat onto the dock and it will be held safely out of the water.

Solid-Surface Platform Dry Docks

Finally, if you are looking for an inexpensive and effective dry docking solution, then a solid-surface platform dock is always a good choice. These dry docks are simply designed out of a single piece of highly-buoyant plastic material, and once professionally installed do not require any maintenance. 

For more information, talk to a dock company like SteMic Enterprises Inc.