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Four Things To Know When Renting A Mechanical Bull For A Party

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Throwing a great birthday party requires you to sometimes think outside of the box. If you want to have a fun and exciting party for a loved one, consider renting a mechanical bull for the party. Mechanical bulls can be a lot of fun and keep everyone entertained while they ride or watch someone else ride the bull. If you think a mechanical bull rental may be a great option for your upcoming party, use the following guide to learn the steps to take to ensure your rental goes as smoothly as possible.

Consider the Dates

If you want to rent a mechanical bull for your party, you need to consider the date that you plan to have the party. The bulls are often booked in advance for parties that take place during the weekends. Be sure to take the time to book the rental a few months before your party, if you plan to have it on a weekend to be sure that you can get the bull for the exact day you need it.

Consider the Weight Limit

There are mechanical bulls that are designed to support the weight of small children and bulls available that are designed to support the weight of grown adults. The bulls that are designed for children cannot support the weight of the adults and the bulls designed for adults may be dangerous for children to ride. Be sure you rent the right bull for the guests coming to the party.

Consider the Space Needed

When you rent a mechanical bull, there will be a ring around it that will be inflated to create a protective surface to catch anyone who falls off of the bull from being injured when they fall. The rental company will tell you the exact amount of space that will be needed for the ring.

Consider the Time of the Party

It will take the company a little bit of time to set up the ring and the bull so you need to be sure that you set up the rental to start well before the party begins. You do not want guests to arrive while the bull is still being set up, so providing the company with ample time for set up and removal is the best option.

Once you have booked the mechanical bull, the company will bring it to the party and set it up for you. Someone will operate the bull to ensure that it is operated in the safest manner possible. Your guests may need to sign a waiver to ensure that they understand the risk involved in riding the mechanical bull. If you are interested in renting items for your party, contact a business such as City Rentals.