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Concerned Your Shop And Staff Aren't As Safe As They Could Be? Make These Crucial Changes

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If you own a machinery or automation company and you aren't doing everything to keep the staff in your shop as safe as possible, there are some improvements you want to consider. You need everyone in the workplace to know how important it is to be safe, and when everyone is safe, it will save you money.

You don't want to pay for worker's compensation, for liability claims, and other medical costs because the people in your facility don't know how to work safe or because you don't have the right equipment. You'll want to look into the following.

Safety Training

Safety training is one of the keys to having a healthy workplace. You want your managers and some of your staff to go through some of the safety training, including first aid and CPR instruction. Having all of the employees go through these types of training would be the most ideal, and your business insurance company could potentially give you a discount for putting all your members through the training.

Eye Washing Station

You never know when a piece of metal, oil or debris can get into someone's eye and it needs to be flushed. You don't want your shop workers trying to flush out their eye in a sink where there could be dirt and other contaminants, and you should have an eye washing station to flush the eye properly. This valuable piece of safety equipment could end up saving someone's vision, and preventing scratches or other damage.

Multiple Fire Extinguishers

Don't just meet the minimum requirements for fire extinguishers throughout the building, but instead exceed requirements. Make sure there are extinguishers available at all of the work stations.  A staff member rushing, and searching for an extinguisher when the flames start to rise, instead of having one right nearby, could be the difference between a small fire that doesn't cause a lot of damage, and the building going up in flames.

You'll want to make sure that you have a checklist from your local labor department to make sure that you have all the necessary safety requirements to keep the staff safe, and then you want to go beyond to ensure the staff has safe practices. All states and cities may have different requirements for your type of business and building. If you have a feeling that the shop and workers aren't as careful or prepared as they could be for an emergency, change that as quickly as possible. For more information, talk to a professional like Public Works Supply.