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2 Fixes To Upgrade Vintage Plumbing In An Old Home

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Old homes tend to have a distinctive appeal, and you can usually purchase them at a bargain. However, there may be several problems that come with a vintage home, one of which is outdated plumbing. Old, rusted pipes can contaminate your water supply or cause frequent leaks and flooding to your basement.

It is therefore crucial that you know what could be bubbling under the surface in your plumbing so you can schedule maintenance and replacements before a plumbing disaster unfolds. Here is a look at common plumbing concerns you might find in an old home and what should be done to fix them.

Vintage galvanized piping

One of the main causes of plumbing issues in old homes is the ancient piping used. Galvanized pipes usually rot from the inside over time and get clogged up by calcium and mineral deposits, causing serious leaks, sagging pipes and other problems.

To check if your old home has galvanized piping, visually inspect the plumbing for mineral deposits along the pipes, which would indicate that minerals and droplets of water are leaking from certain sections of the piping.

Next, turn on the hot water and examine the water pressure. If you have dwindling water pressure, this could indicate pipes that are obstructed. You should also be on the lookout for sediment at the bottom of your hot tub or sinks after turning on faucets, which would point to mineral deposits in the plumbing.

If not fixed, this problem could result in damage to your water heater and insufficient water supply to cover your family's needs. It is therefore wise to schedule a replacement of the entire piping system with copper or polyethylene tubing so as to avert plumbing problems in the future.

Damaged water valves

Water valves allow you to turn off the water supply to your home in case of a plumbing disaster. Unfortunately, outdated shut-off valves that are commonly found in older homes are prone to failure due to degraded components such as washers and shut-off gates. These old valves can let water through even when closed, resulting in water wastage after a pipe leak.

To be safe, schedule a replacement of all old valves in your vintage plumbing with modern quarter-turn ball valves which typically use a stainless-steel ball to effectively shut the water off when needed.

Old homes can be notorious for age-related plumbing issues. The above fixes can help you retrofit your old plumbing so as to get it functional and efficient. Contact a business, such as Kelly's Pipe & Supply Company, for more information.