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Save on Your AC Bill This Summer with These Creative Tips

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While there's nothing wrong with indulging in a bowl of ice cream or a few slices of watermelon, there are many other ways that you can cool down in the summer and help save money on your cooling bill. Here are four that you should give a try the next time your air conditioner decides to fail on you at the worst possible time.

Take Part in Yoga Poses

If you are looking for an easy, natural way to get your body to cool down, all you really need to do are some yoga poses. Believe it or not, certain yoga poses and breathing techniques can reduce your body temperature in mere minutes. This is particularly true with the Sitali breath technique that has you curl your tongue and take in long, deep breaths. For more information on this yoga technique and others that can help you cool down in the heat, check out the Yoga Journal.

Make Your Own Minty Tea Spray

During the summer, you are going to want to keep your cabinet stocked with some kind of minty tea, such as peppermint or plain mint. Why? Well, for a custom spritz, of course. These teas have certain soothing properties that can help to calm down your skin. Then, when the tea is chilled, it can help to cool you down. Feel free to drink a cup of ice-cold tea to help cool you off from the inside as well.

Pop Your Sheets and Pillowcases in the Freezer

If you're having difficulty staying cool at night, that can be one of the worst feelings in the world. Not only is it hot, but getting no sleep will make you grumpy. To help combat this issue, take your sheets and pillowcases and throw them in the freezer for a little while prior to crashing. While the coolness won't last all night, it will be enough to help you fall asleep and stay asleep for at least a little while longer than you're used to.

Consume Some Spicy Foods

You might be thinking, "How in the world are hot and spicy foods going to help cool someone down?" Well, it is because these spicy foods increase the blood circulation throughout your body and will cause you to sweat, which helps to lower your overall body temperature. Eating foods with jalapenos or chili peppers may not necessarily seem very pleasant to you when you feel like you're dying from the heat, but it will be worth it in the end when you feel cooler. 

If you're AC has failed, then you should call a company like Norris Mechanical to fix it for you. But in the meantime, cool down with these tips.