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Augment Your Backyard With A Beautiful Outdoor Fireplace

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You've probably already noticed that an indoor fireplace is a focal point, a cozy gathering place for family and friends. Well, an outdoor fireplace can have the same kind of benefits. Such a fireplace can become the focal point of your patio and a retreat for your outdoor living. Augment your backyard enjoyment by adding an outdoor fireplace.

Fireplace Placement

As with the indoor variety, an outdoor fireplace usually only goes in certain places. As the Landscaping Network points out, the fireplace should go against a wall or fence. It can also go in the corner of the yard. However, if you're willing to splurge on a weighty structure, the hearth can stand alone. For example, you can have the fireplace installed in the center of the yard and build around it for a courtyard effect. It's more common, though, to have the fireplace installed against the exterior house wall – just check with local building codes first.

Material Options

Contractors can construct an outdoor fireplace out of brick, stone, concrete or stucco. The style of your home will help drive the material of your fireplace. Naturally, stucco is most appropriate for mission or pueblo style homes. Brick is considered a more traditional material, while stone complements rustic homes. Concrete can either be modern or stamped and stained to resemble another material. Either select a material that matches the exterior or that complements it. For instance, even if your exterior is stucco, a stone fireplace can look attractive if you echo the stucco color in the stone variegation.

Fireplace Style

Along those same lines, you have several options for the style of the fireplace. A traditional fireplace comes in the boxy style and usually features brick or stone. Homeowners often add a wooden mantle. If you fancy an industrial look, keep the squared construction of the traditional fireplace, but have it constructed of stark concrete. This style of fireplace tends to stand alone, with no mantle or grill. For the Southwestern home, a stucco kiva fireplace looks attractive. Kiva fireplaces are rounded with a domed opening.

Other Features

You can further augment the attractiveness and use of your fireplace with additional features. As intimated, a mantel is a stylistic choice. Indoors a wooden mantle is common, but outdoor mantles typically come in stone or concrete to withstand the weather. A hearth, or bench attached to the fireplace structure, is a valuable addition because it provides seating. Finally, pay some mind to the lighting around your fireplace, keeping it subtle so you can enjoy a cozy atmosphere after dark. Plan your lighting ahead of time, though, so contractors can run the proper electrical lines.

Adding a beautiful outside fireplace to your backyard augments your home and your outdoor living. For more information, contact Alpine Fireplaces or a similar company.