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Building A Garage? Think About Including These Elements

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Having a custom garage built on your property is an exciting project to manage. Whether you're looking for additional storage space, you're an automotive enthusiast who needs a place to work on your vehicles, or you have another reason for wanting a custom garage, planning this project from the ground up will allow you to include all the features you desire. It's useful to take time to browse custom garages online, as well as talk to your contractor about past projects that he or she has completed. This research will allow you to have the garage built exactly to your specifications, and may include a number of useful elements, such as these.


Having your contractor install plumbing fixtures in the garage is hugely desirable. Having a sink, for example, gives you a place to wash up after an afternoon of working on your car. This is better than taking your grease-covered self into your house to wash. If you're spending long hours in the garage, being able to fill up your cup from the tap is also handy. You might even think of eventually installing a toilet, depending on the layout of the garage. If you're planning to have a loft built that can be used as a spare bedroom for guests, a toilet will be handy.


There are a couple flooring elements to consider when you're planning your custom garage. In many cases, you'll opt for a poured concrete floor. However, you might wish to have in-floor heat added. This can be pleasant if you're lying on the floor to work on a car -- and the rising heat should reach the loft area, too. Additionally, make sure that your contractor seals the concrete. Doing so will prevent unsightly stains accumulating over the years while also helping to keep the floor less dusty.


It's a given that you'll have some form of electricity in the garage, but think carefully about how you intend to use the space over the coming years. It's better to have your contractor do the necessary wiring now, even if you don't connect anything to some of the wires just yet. For example, if you envision using the loft for a theater room, make sure the contractor supplies multiple power outlets up there. This is easier to do during the construction than later on when the walls are in place. It can also be useful to have at least one power outlet on each wall. You might not use them all immediately, but if you eventually add additional elements to your garage — for example, a spare deep freeze — it's handy to have the electrical all ready to go.

A garage building company, like Swiss Construction, can tell you more about the garage options that are best suited to your needs.