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Drain Cleaning Without Harsh Chemicals

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Clogged drains can pose a real problem for homeowners. Without a clear drain, it's impossible for dirty water to drain properly, resulting in an overflowing sink and a funky smell throughout your home. Many of the commercial products available for cleaning out a clogged drain contain chemicals that could be toxic to your family.

If you don't want to risk exposing your household to these toxic chemicals but you need to clear out a clogged drain, here are some tips you can use for chemical-free drain cleaning.

1. Invest in an auger.

Most plumbing contractors carry an auger in their professional tool kit. These augers (known more commonly as plumbing snakes) can play a valuable role in helping to clear out a clogged drain.

If you suspect that your own drain isn't letting water through because of a solid blockage (like a ball of hair or piece of solid food), then you can use an auger to push the clog through your pipes and out of the way of your drain. Augers can be purchased from your local home improvement store, or you may be able to rent these tools from your home improvement store for a small fee.

2. Create a chemical reaction.

Creating a mild chemical reaction inside of your drain can be beneficial in helping to break up semi-solid clogs caused by grease or trapped foods. Remember in elementary school when you used some basic household ingredients to make a volcano explode for science class? You can apply this explosive principle to clear your clogged drain by adding some baking soda and vinegar, then blocking the drain with a cloth.

As the baking soda and vinegar chemically interact, they will create a foamy substance with the power to expand at a fast rate. By covering the drain, you don't provide the foam with an outlet, so it has to blow through your clog. This will remove the clog and allow water to drain normally, all without the use of toxic chemicals.

3. Disassemble your drain.

Many clogs occur in the U-joint of a drain pipe. You can easily remove major clogs without toxic chemicals by disassembling your drain and cleaning the obstruction manually.

You just need a wrench and some patience to remove the U-joint from underneath your sink, then you can use a mild detergent to soak the U-joint in order to loosen any debris that has hardened along the interior wall of the pipe. Reassemble the pipe once it's clean, and your drain will function normally once again.

Having the ability to clean out a clogged drain without using toxic chemicals will allow you to keep your home safe and functional in the future. For more tips, contact a company like Hemley's Septic Tank Cleaning.