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How To Repair Your Gutters

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Gutters have more purpose than just sitting on your house. They collect rain water and run it away from your home, which can prevent washing away your foundation. Gutters also help keep water from damaging your soffit and fascia. If damaged, your gutters can actually cause damage to your home though. It's important to keep an eye on your gutters, maintain them and clean them often. See below for tips on how to repair your gutters.

Replace Nails/Hangers

If your gutters are sagging, you may have missing nails or hangers holding your gutters to your home. Get up onto a ladder for a closer look. If you have any missing nails or hangers, replace these to prevent rain water from rotting the wood on your home. You can find nails and hangers at your local hardware store. If the nails are still in place, but the gutters are still pulling away from your home, add more nails, as the old ones may not be holding properly.

Seal Leaking Seams

If your gutters are leaking along the seams, you need to make repairs. You can do so by using silicone. Apply the silicone along the seams that are leaking and smooth it with your finger. Allow the silicone to dry, then test your work. If you still have leaks, add more silicone where necessary. If you have a lot of leaks, you can replace that section of your gutter with a new piece. 

Clean Out Debris

Clean up debris from your gutters to prevent damming and eventually roof damage/leaks. Clean your gutters by getting up onto your roof with a bucket, small garden shovel and gloves. Scoop out the debris from your gutter and remove as much of the debris as possible. Your gutters can accumulate with all kinds of debris such as leaves, twigs, tree buds and even nests from animals/insects. Cleaning the debris can be a bit of a pain, but it is one chore that needs to be done at least twice per year (or more depending on how many trees you have near your home). Be sure to have a helper with you to hold the ladder when going up and down.

Gutters have a purpose and need to be cared for and maintained in order to prevent roof leaks, wood/house rot, and foundation damage from excessive water. If you have a lot of damage to your gutters, contact a professional gutter installation company, such as A-1 Seamless Gutters Inc, to have new gutters installed on your home.