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4 Key Components To Check For In An Older Home Before You Make An Offer

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That old house you have spotted fits your budget and is filled to the brim with vintage charm, so you are fully prepared to make an offer. But before you get too caught up in the excitement of buying that ideal antique house, you should know that these older homes often come with hidden outdated problems. To make sure you don't buy a house and inherit a whole list of chores and investments that have to be made, there are a few things you will need to check before you ever make an offer. 

Hot Water Heater - It is not at all uncommon for an older house to not have a modern hot water heater. In some cases, they will still offer hot water with an antiquated boiler system. While these beast-of-a-system units can really last through a lot of years, most of them have been replaced by more modern units for a lot of reasons. Check to see if the home you are considering has a regular hot water heater or one of these outdated boiler systems. If it does have a massive boiler system, make sure you get the low down from the homeowner as to how often it has been maintained by a professional and if there has been any work done to it. 

Septic System - If the older house you are planning to make your own is not attached to a public sewer system, it means one thing: somewhere buried on the property is a septic tank and all of its components. It is not uncommon to find old homes that have the exact same septic tank and system still in place that it was built with, which is usually not a good thing. Older septic tanks were most commonly crude steel barrels and containers that are prone to rust and corrosion over time. If the homeowner has no idea what kind of septic system is in place, get a professional plumber, such as Able Plumbing-Pumps & Well Service, on board to help with an assessment of the situation. 

Plumbing Lines - Plumbing lines can seem like a fairly simple upgrade, so you may neglect the task of giving them a good look before you make an offer on an old house. However, the sad truth is, bad plumbing lines can mean a long list of other problems you will eventually have to contend with, such as water damage. Take a look at the lines that are visible inside the house and check to see what measures have been taken to update the system.