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2 Ideas For Giving Your Kitchen Cabinets A Quick Country Makeover

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Whether you live in town or outside of the city limits, you may decide that you wish to remodel your kitchen so it has a country theme. However, you may be having trouble coming up with ways to achieve the look you want. If so, let the following ideas for giving your kitchen cabinets a quick country makeover spark your own imagination and creativity.

Hang Red Checkered Curtains over Unused Cabinets

Red checkered curtains can give an instant country flair to your kitchen. However, you may decide that you do not want to hang them on your main window. If so, you can still add this piece of country style to your kitchen by hanging them over your little used or unused cabinets.

For example, the cabinets above your kitchen may not get much use because they are too high for you or your family members to reach. You can turn them into a decorative piece by placing the checkered curtains over them.

If you use a light red checkered pattern, the brighter color gives the illusion of light coming through the pattern. It can make it appear as though you have another window in your kitchen, opening up the space above your refrigerator.

Replace the Cabinet Panels with Chicken Wire

Another idea for adding some country charm to your kitchen and opening up your cabinet space is to replace the cabinet panels with chicken wire. The wire gives your kitchen an old-timey, outdoor feeling.

After having the remodeling contractor replace the cabinet panels, you can further the design by placing country-inspired items behind the wire. In one cabinet, you could place old stoneware plates and mugs with rooster designs to extend the poultry theme.

You could also have one cabinet that you do not use often as a purely decorative showcase. Behind the wire, you could have one shelf that always has either fresh or dried flowers in a glass milk bottle. Then, you can decorate the other shelves with antique farm tools or figurines representing farm animals, such as chicken, cows, or horses.

The above ideas are only a few ways you can create a country kitchen in your home. For more ideas that may fit your particular kitchen, speak with the contractor who will be remodeling your kitchen to ask for their recommendations so you can both come up with the ideal design scheme for the space.