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5 Design Elements Every Home With Kids Should Have

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If you're in the market for a home and have small children in the household, you probably already know that your housing needs are going to be different from retirees, single people, or childless couples. For instance, you probably have a home with a fenced yard in mind, and you'll need a certain number of bedrooms. However, there are other household amenities that will make your life a whole lot easier and even safer while you are raising a family. The following are five design features you should mention when consulting with custom home building companies in your area.

High Countertops 

High countertops provide an excellent way to keep important objects out of the clutches of little fingers. You can keep keys, important papers, small appliances, and device charging stations safe on the counter, as well as using it for a food preparation area. Imagine being able to easily whip up a cake, batch of cookies, or dinner without coming back to an unpleasant surprise if you have to leave the area for a moment to answer the door. 

An Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan is probably one of the best gifts parents of small children can give themselves. With an open floor plan, you'll be able to see what the kids are up to when you're multitasking. However, completely open kitchens aren't everyone's idea of how to live, and if you'd rather not have your kitchen area completely exposed, one open wall above a high countertop adds visibility while preserving the feeling of an enclosed space. 

Plenty of Storage in the Entryway 

With plenty of storage in the main entryway of your home, you won't have to maneuver strollers, diaper bags, and other objects through the house to put them away when you come home from an outing with your kids. Ask your builder for suggestions on built-in entry storage that includes shelving and cubbies -- with kids in the home, you'll need more than just standard closets. 

A Laundry Room on the Main Level 

Laundry rooms often automatically end up as afterthoughts in basements or other difficult-to-access parts of the home, so ask your builder about putting one on the main level. Families with kids have lots of laundry, and having your laundry room in an easily accessible part of the home will make things much easier for you. 

Big Bathrooms With Plenty of Storage Space

You'll need room to maneuver when bathing kids, and you'll also appreciate having plenty of storage space in the bathroom for towels, grooming essentials, bath toys, and other necessary objects.