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Suggestions For Planning Your New Deck Installation

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A deck is one of the most useful additions you can have put on your home. It can be used for dining and entertaining as well as lounging in the outdoors. Here are a few tips to help you plan your new deck installation.

Measure Off The Space In Your Yard 

To help you visualize how the deck will look and how big it needs to be, get some stakes and perimeter tape to mark off the space your deck will occupy. Then place things in the space you plan to put on the deck. You'll want to arrange the deck chairs in their planned position. Put your table or picnic table where it needs to go along with your grill and other outdoor furniture.

This helps you get the size of your deck right for the type of activities you want to do on your deck. You'll need to have plenty of room to walk around all sides of the table as well as room for your friends and family to talk and mingle. This also helps you visualize how the deck will fit in with its surroundings. For instance, you may want to build it around a tree or two so you'll have shade and so you won't have to have them removed.

Plan Ahead For Heavy Loads

If you love to entertain and you plan to host parties on your deck, you'll want to talk to the builder about making sure the deck will support the excess weight. This is also important if you plan to put a hot tub on your deck. Traditional support probably won't be enough in those cases. The contractor needs to adjust the plan when the deck is installed to hold the extra weight you plan to put on it.

Another time you may need to plan for extra weight is if you want to fill the deck with potted plants or install a container garden that adds a lot of weight from the pots and soil.

Consider The Maintenance Requirements

You can choose from a variety of materials for your new deck. All of them need to be swept and washed occasionally to keep them clean and looking nice. However, some require more care than others. Wood can rot and fall apart as it ages; however, it provides the classic look associated with decks. You could opt for composite or resin materials that look similar to wood but don't wear down as fast.

Decide if you want to spend time painting or staining the wood before you choose the building material for your deck. Different types of wood have different prices too. While tropical hardwood may be a beautiful and dramatic material for a deck, it is also very expensive and costly to install. Pressure treated lumber may be the best choice if you want a deck on a budget.

Before the actual installation of your deck begins, talk to your contractor about the design you want and the best materials to use. You want a deck that complements your home and that is easy to care for. Most of all, you want it to last for years so you'll enjoy many cookouts on warm days or soaks in a hot tub on cool evenings.