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Building Storage For Yachts And Other Large Vehicles? Contractors You Will Need

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Storage for heavy duty construction equipment, semi trucks, shipping trucks, and yes, even yachts, requires quite the atypical lineup of contractors. Since the storage units have to be exceedingly large, you have to approach the project from a different angle than if you were just building standard-sized, garage-style storage units. Here are the contractors you will need to help you construct  these massive storage units for immense land and water vehicles.

Commercial Garage Door Contractors

Commercial garage doors are typically made for loading docks and the like. However, these doors are also used to create oversized storage for construction vehicles, yachts, and the like. After your extra-large storage units are constructed, and they are ready for doors, you will need a commercial garage door contractor.

Make sure you have selected your garage door contractor before the storage units are half-finished. The garage door contractor will need to take measurements, account for size and weight of the doors you need, and purchase the openers for these doors so that your renters can easily open the doors on their units without personal injury.

Commercial Construction Contractor

There are residential contractors, and then there are commercial construction contractors. The latter is what you need to construct your series of oversized, garage-style storage units. (You could also use a garage construction contractor, if such a contractor exists in your area.) After you have purchased the property on which you will construct these storage units, your selected commercial contractor can begin construction.

Electrical Contractor

Clearly, if you are going to have the garage door contractor install industrial-strength garage door openers for these massive doors, you will need an electrical contractor as well. That said, you may want to include an office space where the electrical fuse boxes are installed. From the office, you can control what units receive and use electricity.

Having the electrical power for the door openers means that you could also install heating and/or security options, if you or your tenants so desired. If you choose to have these options installed, it is a good idea to have the electrical contractor install them at the same time as all of the rest of the electrical work and wiring. Additionally, you will need both indoor and outdoor lighting installed to keep everyone safe.

HVAC Contractor (Optional)

If you do want to offer your tenants heated units in which to store their yachts, collectible cars, construction vehicles, etc., you will need an HVAC contractor. He or she will install the ductwork and electrical furnace(s) needed to keep the units warm. You could also have individual heating in each unit, giving the tenants the option to turn the heating on or leave it off, with the understanding that they pay for whatever electricity they use to heat their individual units.

Bringing All of Your Contractors Together

It is important that all of the contractors you hire, from your garage door contractor to your electrical contractor, are on the same page. Be sure these contractors meet a few times during construction to ensure that the building of your immense storage units is on target. Your construction contractor should be the contractor in charge, since your electrical contractor, HVAC contractor, and garage door contractor all have jobs that cannot be completed without the beginning and middle stages of construction in place.

Sometimes, you might be lucky enough to hire a construction contractor who already subcontracts out to other types of contractors. In these instances, the construction contractor is automatically in charge and will see to it that the others show up to the work site when and where needed. Then you should consult with them to make sure you are getting exactly the correct electrical products, garage doors, etc. that you want. Check out sites like https://planooverhead.com/ to get started.