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Four Reasons It Is Important To Replace Your Gutters Before Winter Weather Sets In

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As the cold winds of winter howl outside of your home, it is easy to appreciate having a nice warm roof over your head. Unfortunately, if you don't have functioning gutters on your home, your living area, may not remain dry throughout the winter season. Although winter weather is quickly arriving, there is still time to replace your gutters. There are several reasons that you will want to do so. 

Protects Your Home's Foundation

One of the most important things that your gutters do is to funnel water from around the foundation of your home. Failure to do so can result in water getting into your basement or causing damage to your foundation. 

While channeling the water away is important throughout the year, it is even more important if you live in an area that experiences ice and snow. When freezing water builds up around your foundation, it will expand and contract as it freezes and thaws. Most foundations are constructed from concrete, which are very porous materials. This means that the expanding and constriction process will cause even your foundation to crack over time. 

Eliminates Soil Erosion

When you have large amounts of water pouring off your roof at any particular point, it erodes or washes away the soil at the point it falls. Over time, this can impact your garden or landscaping that is in this area. This can be even more prevalent during the winter when you do not have plants anchoring down your soil. Installing gutters will allow you to collect and direct the flow of water to an area where this will not take place. 

Protects Your Siding

If your home does not have adequate gutters on it, the rain, ice, and snow will drip down the sides of your home. These excessive amounts of water can result in rotting of your fascia boards, and ultimately damage to your home's siding. 

The damage to your fascia board can result in any existing guttering that you currently have up being pulled down due to the weight of the ice and snow during the winter. Gutter screen installation can help to reduce some of the amount of snow that enters your gutters, although it will not help during the time that the snow is melting.

Reduces Staining

If you live in an area that has a lot of industry or large amount of carbon dioxide or other chemicals being released into the air, your rain is dirtier than you think. Due to the pollution, dirt, and other minerals contained in your rain water, when the water is not channeled away from your home, it can stain your paint, as well as the concrete surrounding your home.

The dirt in the air can be even worse during the winter, when you and your neighbors may be burning your fireplaces as an auxiliary heat source. Having proper gutters on your home will allow you to route the excessive water to areas away from your home where staining will not be an issue. 

If you have not placed gutters on your home because you are afraid of them becoming clogged with leaves or other debris, this can be remedied as easily as placing gutter screens on your gutters. Not only will these keep leaves and other debris from accumulating in your gutters, but they will keep them flowing much smoother over a longer period of time. 

Time is ticking. Do not hesitate to call a local gutter company like Mr.Gutter, LLC and ask them what it will cost you to have gutters installed. You may be surprised to find out that they are cheaper than you think.