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Three Important Questions To Ask When Hiring A Contractor For Basement Finishing

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As you go about hiring a contractor to finish your unfinished basement, there are many important questions to ask. You need to make sure the contractor is licensed and insured, you need to ask them about quotes and you need to ask for references. However, these are pretty standard questions that you likely already know to ask. In addition to these questions, there are a few others that are equally as important to ask, but often overlooked. Here are three important questions to ask when hiring a contractor for basement finishing.

Are You Going to Waterproof the Basement and How?

One of the questions you should ask a basement finishing contractor is whether they intend on waterproofing your basement and how. Basements can be waterproofed in a variety of different ways. Spray foam insulation may be used. Waterproof paint can be painted on the wall. A waterproof membrane can be wrapped around your foundation. Every waterproofing option has its own advantages and disadvantages, as well as their own costs. Always look for a contractor who utilizes the waterproofing methods that are best for your space. 

How Will You Keep My Basement From Being Dark and Dingy?

Another question you may want to ask when you are hiring a contractor for basement finishing is what they will do to help keep the basement from being dark and dingy when it is completed. Unfortunately, adding windows to a basement space is not usually an option. The basement wall is typically your foundation wall. As such, lighting, paint colors and flooring choices become extremely important. A great contractor should be able to advise you on what lighting options will ensure your space is bright, as well as help you select colors that will make your space seem brighter and larger, rather than darker and smaller.

Do You Background Check Your Employees?

The last question you should be sure to ask when you are hiring a contractor for basement finishing is whether they background check their employees or sub-contractors. One person is not going to finish off your basement for you. They are going to have a team. And this team of people will be in your house day in and day out for a bit of time. Always make sure everyone who enters is background checked to help protect yourself and your family. 

Selecting a contractor to finish off your basement is a big decision. But asking the right questions will help guide you to the contractor who is right for your project.