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Elder Millennial Nesting Guide:4 Tips To Help Choose Timeless Features That Are More Than Just Trendy Fads

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Are you an elder millennial, in your 30s and looking at new homes to settle down with your family? Are you tired of looking at all the trendy design fads when you look at new homes too? These features can be great while they are the 'In Thing' to do, but if you are starting your own family, you will want to have functional features that you need and design trends that are more timeless, than they are popular home building fads. Here are a few simple tips to help you find the best features and timeless design trends that meet all your family's needs:

Location and The Size of The Property to Narrow Down Your Choices

If you have or are expecting kids, location for schools, commute, and home prices are common things to look for. You and every other family around your age are looking for these things, which means higher prices and a competitive market. Look at other properties too, that may give you a longer drive to work or require you to drive the kids to school. Looking for a property that is not in a conventional new home development may give you more options and more space. Today, the city neighborhoods in many places are appealing to young families and have growing communities with great schools, lower crime rates, and choices of renovated historic or newly constructed homes.

Environmentally-Friendly and Renewable Energy That Is Proven and Less Trendy

Renewable energy and environmentally-friendly features are all the rage, but you want to choose these features wisely. Choosing established technology like geothermal HVAC or solar water heaters (collectors), are affordable choices for renewable energy in your home that use proven technology. You may want to consider other improvements to help reduce energy waste too, such as modern double-pane glass in windows and well-planning insulation that prevents thermal transfer and heat loss. Have your home wired with features like high-speed networking and USB charging outlets and use conduits to easily make changes in the future when technology changes.

Young Now, Retired Later and All Those Extra Stairs That You May Want To Think Twice About  

While many homeowners are young and looking to buy a home with enough space for the family, years from now extra stairs and too many floors can be a problem. Look for a floor plan for your home that has accessible master bedroom and bathrooms on the first floor. If you want extra space, try to look for homes that have a limited amount of space that you need to climb up-and-down stairs to get to. Ranch designs are great floor plans to help you plan for the future, or for retirees that are looking for a comfortable new home to rest.

An Open Kitchen and An Extra Bathroom or Too Are Practical Features for Growing Families

For younger families, sometimes you may not think about the convenience of having extra space in the kitchen for a busy lifestyle or a couple of extra bathrooms to meet everybody's needs. Talk with your home builder or real estate agent about features like counter space dining solutions with an open kitchen design for a modern design that meets the needs of a modern family. It is also a good idea to at least have 2 bathrooms and maybe a half bath to meet the needs of a full house.

This is just a short guide to help you narrow down some of the options and look past the trendy design when looking for a new home. There are probably still some trendy features that you want to have included in your new home. Contact a professional home builder for help with getting a home for your family that is a perfect place for your family to call home.