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Expand Your Plant Nursey Business By Renting Out Farming Equipment: From Skid Steers To Log Spliiters

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The typical plant nursery has an inventory that includes plants, flowers, potting materials, and other landscaping decorations. However, there are often times more items that you can place on sale in order to boost your revenue. For instance, in addition to selling potted plants and soil as well tools to take car of a garden, you can add other items to your nursery's inventory so that you will be able to make some more money from customers. When you look at what your options are, you might be overwhelmed at the sheer number and variety of items that relate to home and garden construction. That might seem like a bad thing, but it's really a good thing.

Renting Out To Customers: Benefits

Selling an item nets you, the business owner, a one-time profit. However, if you purchase items to rent out, you can profit over and over. This is one of the major reasons people get into the leasing and renting business. You can stock any number of items in your nursery to rent. However, you should focus on the larger items as these will be the ones that many people will want to use for a day or two when doing construction work on their property (or on a client's property, if they are a contractor) and which will net you a much larger return in the long run when the books are all tallied. You should therefore invest in some large scale construction equipment that the average homeowner might occasionally need or which the typical contractor might need but which they might not wish to purchase.

Skid Steer: The All Purpose Farm Equipment

If you need to regrade your soil or move heavy loads of soil or stone, then odds are you are going to need a skid steer. It's a ultra useful, dual purpose machine that can both function as a carrying vehicle (moving large loads of soil or rocks) as well as a pushing vehicle. The great thing about the skid steer is that you can rent them out to both contractors as well as homeowners. Anyone who is redesigning their backyard is going to have to rent one of these tools as they are the primary method of moving items around a yard that is under construction. The return on investment is huge. You can get a used skid steer from a reputable company, have it serviced, and then put it for rent out on your lot. The people who are renovating their backyard (or the contractors who are working on the yard)  who need one of these skid steers and who don't own one, are very agreeable to pay a pretty penny for the rental of the unit for the day.