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Topics To Cover When You Hire A Snow Removal Service For A Private Road

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People usually think of snow removal services clearing driveways and parking lots, but there can occasionally be a need to hire this type of professional to clear a road. Of course, your local municipality takes care of plowing most roads, but if you live on a private road — for example, one in cottage country — it is often unmaintained during the winter months. This means that the homeowners in the area, often in the form of a homeowners' association, are in charge of providing their own solution for clearing the road. Often, the solution will come in the form of hiring a snow removal service, such as A Thru Z Construction. Before you sign a contract, here are some things to discuss.

When People Need The Road

One topic that you'll need to consider is how frequently you and your neighbors will need to use the road. While a lot of you might visit your cottages sporadically over the winter for snowshoeing and ice fishing, there may be days or even weeks in which all of the cottages along the private road are empty. It's a good idea to use email or a private social media group to track when people need the road cleared, as there's no point in paying for the snow removal service to clear the road on a week that no one needs cottage access.

When People Leave In The Morning

If you have a certain part of the winter in which a lot of your neighbors will be staying at their cottages, you need to figure out how often people are leaving in the morning and when. While some residents might be staying at their cottages all day, others who work in the area may be getting up each morning and leaving for work. In the event of overnight snowfall, these people will want the private road cleared by the time they need to leave, so you'll need to share this information with the snow removal service.

What Vehicles People Drive

In an average residential area, the road is often cleared repeatedly — in part because many peoples' vehicles aren't properly equipped to handle much snow on the road. In cottage country, more people may have vehicles that are a little more resilient — for example, trucks and SUVs with four-wheel drive. People with these vehicles can safely drive even in several inches of snow, so if everyone in your community has a good winter vehicle, you can stress that the snow removal service doesn't need to return to your private road multiple times during a single snowfall.