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Building A New Home And Having A Construction Inspection? 6 Problems The Inspection May Find

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If you are building a new home, there are many things you must do before you move in. One of these things is hiring a professional to do a construction inspection. If you are planning to do this, the construction inspection may find many problems that will have to be addressed, six of which are listed below.

Problems with Foundation

The main reason to do a construction inspection on your property is to find problems. First, the foundation will be checked before any concrete is poured. It is very difficult to make repairs to the foundation once it is constructed. It can be done, but it will be much more expensive, and, in some cases, the problem cannot be corrected at all.

Problems with Structure

The construction inspection involves inspection the mechanics and the structure of your home before any drywall is installed. This will ensure the home is structurally sound. The last thing you want to have happen is to have to tear out walls due to problems after your home is built.

Frame Problems

The construction inspect also involves a frame inspection. They will do this inspection after the roofing materials, windows, and exterior cladding have been installed. This allows the contractor to ensure the windows are installed properly, such as the window flashing, as well as the framing components, such as with the roof, and more. 

HVAC Unit Problems

The construction inspection may find problems with the HVAC unit that is installed. For example, the HVAC unit may not be the right size to adequately heat and cool your home. There may be other problems with the HVAC unit, such as loose wiring or connections, and problems with thermostat 

Electrical Problems

The construction inspection may also find electrical problems. For example, there may be open grounds, which can be dangerous, as well as switch plates missing, or wired outlets not working properly. Electrical problems can be dangerous as if there is a problem that you are not aware of you could have an electrical fire in your home. In many cases, electrical fires spread quickly. 

Plumbing Problems

The construction inspection may also find problems with the plumbing in your home. They will check that the hot and cold faucets in your bathroom and kitchen to ensure the water runs well, and that the hot and cold is not reversed. This means having hot water coming out of the cold faucet and cold water coming out of the hot. The construction inspection contractor may also find piping that is not installed properly, which may lead to plumbing leaks in the future. 

The contractor that you hire to do a construction inspection of your new home can tell you of many more things they will do to help you.

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