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Pole Barn Construction: Common Faqs

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Pole barns are one of the most traditional structures in rural areas, and the fact that some of these barns are still standing after hundreds of years makes them even more attractive. If you need a barn for your farm, for your machinery, or for your livestock, a pole barn can be one of the most effective and efficient structures. Here is a look at a few things you will want to know during the process. 

What are the advantages of pole barns?

Pole barns do come along with a few advantages. One of the biggest advantages of these structures is obviously the speed at which they can be built because they do not require a footer to be poured or a foundation. Other advantages include: 

  • The barns are versatile in their design and can easily be adjusted to serve various purposes
  • The barns can last quite a few years without problems 
  • The barns are rather stable in the wind or harsh elements 

How deep are the poles of a pole barn?

The depth of the poles of the pole barn can vary according to your location, the size of the barn, and several other factors. In general, poles are set around four feet deep, but they can be as deep as ten feet depending on soil conditions and other factors. It is really important that you work with a qualified and experienced pole barn construction professional when determining depth because poles that are not deep enough can inhibit the stability of the overall structure. 

How can you protect the poles of the pole barn?

The bottom of the poles are buried in the ground, which can make them prone to rot, and having the bottom part of the poles rot is a pole barn owner's worst nightmare. There are several measures taken to protect these posts before they go into the ground. For instance, sealing materials may be used to protect the buried part of the pole and concrete may be used to create a barrier between the ground and the pole. 

Will you have to have a permit to build a pole barn?

In some areas, you do have to obtain a permit to build a pole barn, and you may only be able to get a permit if you are having a licensed professional do the work. If you hire a local contractor, they can usually let you know if you will have to have a permit. 

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