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What Should You Know About Surveying Land For Your New Home?

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There's a lot that goes into building a custom home. While most buyers are keen to get started on the details of interior design and layout, small details like property surveying are equally important. Although your general contractor will often handle many of these facets for you, it is always a good idea to understand as much about the process as possible. The more you know, the more you will be able to involve yourself in all aspects of your home's construction to ensure that the final product is the true house of your dreams.

The Basics of Surveying

Land surveying is used for a variety of purposes, but home builders are mostly interested in understanding property boundaries. When you survey your land, you are confirming the location of existing property lines and limits. In many cases, sellers will provide this information, but that doesn't mean that you can always rely on existing data. If the seller did not conduct their own property survey, then they may be using outdated information or relying on municipal records. Depending on the age of these prior surveys, it may make sense to conduct a new survey just to update the available information.

Why Should You Care?

Does the concept of surveying land sound too technical and uninteresting to matter? Many homeowners are confused by the need for updated surveys since the land itself isn't changing. While it is true that major geographical shifts on a property are rare, that doesn't mean that nothing can change over time. Land surveys establish boundaries as well as the relative positions of structures and significant features, all of which impact your use of the land. Prior surveys may not include structures constructed by neighbors or issues with boundary crossings.

In the context of a new home construction project, an updated land survey is particularly important. Almost all aspects of your new home are likely to require permits. For many jurisdictions, the city will need to approve everything from the size of the structure to the location of an outdoor pool. In some cases, you may need to post a notice for your neighbors if the development will extend to within a certain distance of existing boundaries and there may be a need to record or rectify boundary encroachments.

Will It Affect Your Project?

Unfortunately, it's rarely possible to answer this question until you conduct a survey. In most cases, existing records will be good enough for initial planning and it's rare for a survey to turn up drastically new information. In some cases, however, minor changes will be necessary to accommodate updated information on your property. For this reason, an up-to-date survey must be performed as early in the process as possible. The relatively small cost of this survey can save you significant headaches in the future.

To learn more, reach out to a land surveying service today.