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Exterior Waterproofing Solutions To Protect Your Home From Moisture Penetration And Damage

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The exterior of your home can be vulnerable to different problems with moisture. This can be prevented with good waterproofing. The waterproofing can be updated and improved to help protect your home from damage. The following exterior waterproofing solutions will help prevent moisture penetration and the water damage that it causes:

Repairing and updating foundation waterproofing

The foundation waterproofing of your home can be vulnerable to damage due to many different problems. The foundation can be inspected for damage that needs to be repaired. Issues that the inspection will look for include:

  • Dry sealants and waterproofing systems
  • Issues with foundation drainage systems
  • Cracks in walls and problems with settling

These are issues that will be identified during a home foundation inspection. You should have repairs done after the inspection and before completing the waterproofing.

Adding exterior waterproofing to vulnerable areas

Some areas of your home can be more vulnerable to water penetrations. Areas do not necessarily have to be your foundation. They can be other finish materials like masonry, where watershed and runoff cause problems. These are areas where you may want to have exterior sealants applied to help protect your home from damage. Areas of your home that are vulnerable and can be improved by sealing them include:

  • Walls with runoff
  • Areas with standing water problems
  • Lower areas that are vulnerable to moisture issues

These are areas of home exteriors that can be improved by sealing them with exterior waterproofing techniques.

Sealing surfaces and materials with exterior waterproofing

There are many different surfaces outside of your home that can be vulnerable to moisture and water problems. These surfaces do not have to be your foundation. You may want to have exterior waterproofing added to some of the following installations and hardscaping:

  • Retaining walls near the foundation
  • Drainage systems
  • Driveways and paths
  • Patios and outdoor gathering spaces

Sealing these surfaces with exterior waterproofing will help protect your home from damage and protect materials from wear.

Waterproofing and drainage to keep water out of your home

There are other areas around your home that can be improved with exterior waterproofing solutions. Areas can be sealed and waterproofed to help stop moisture problems and protect against damage. Talk to your waterproofing contractor about additional areas and materials that you want to have sealed from moisture.

The exterior waterproofing for your home will reduce moisture and water damage problems that start at foundations and the exterior. Call an exterior waterproofing service for help with these improvements to protect your home from damage.