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Own A Rental Home? 4 Features Worth Changing In The Bathroom

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Owning and managing a rental can range from a little to a lot of work, depending on the time and situation. Even after experiencing multiple years as a rental property owner and landlord, you may feel committed to keeping the rental. In your situation, you may even be interested in making improvements so that you can do better at attracting tenants and getting them to stay.

If you want to focus on one room at a time, you may want to start with the bathroom. Figuring out what features are worth changing will lead to a productive experience with remodeling. Read on for tips about bathroom remodeling.


Working on the shower is a smart move because you may be able to improve the feature in numerous ways. For instance, you can replace a typical shower drain with a linear one that provides better drainage, while also making it a lot easier for tenants to clean themselves.

Another option is replacing a framed shower door with a frameless one that will help to make the bathroom look sleeker and reduce the cleaning demands. Trying to clean mildew from shower tracks is a tough thing to do, but it is an issue that will disappear with a frameless door.


While your tenants can get more storage in the bathroom by picking up furniture with cabinets, drawers, and shelves, you are also capable of providing them with more storage. Instead of leaving a tenant to figure out what to do for storage after moving in, you can prevent them from ever having to worry about having enough storage by investing in greater storage capacity.

A great option is to replace the vanity and focus on maximizing storage. This means that you should try to create storage space through the cabinets and drawers underneath the sink. Investing in floor-to-ceiling cabinets in an empty area of the room will also handle most storage concerns.


Although a small bathroom mirror will still give renters what they need, you can improve it by installing a larger one. Even if the bathroom does not have a second sink, you can make it possible for two people to be in the bathroom using the mirror at once when you install a mirror that takes up a large amount of space.

Working on these bathroom remodeling projects will improve your experience with renting out the place and make the home better for your tenants.